Hairdressing Salon by Idea Architecture

Idea Architecture Designs The Salon Muzo Hairdressing Salon

Idea Architecture, the designer of the displayed project Idea Architecture's Salon Muzo Hairdressing Salon illustrates, Salon Muzo is one of our customer and this Project is the 3rd Project with the same customer. Coiffeur projects is the specia <Cropped>

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Elnur Babayev 's Polee Tiling

Elnur Babayev Portrays The Polee Tiling

elnur babayev , the architect of the awarded design POLEE by elnur babayev demonstrates, Polee is a polygonal shaped design for interior wall tiling. Different from standard tiling shapes it has triangular endings which fit with its polygonal design <Cropped>

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Office by Mamiya Shinichi

Mamiya Shinichi Shows The Pillar Grove Office

Mamiya Shinichi, the creative mind behind the award winning work Mamiya Shinichi's Pillar Grove Office spells out, Our newly-built office plan. The site is located in a suburb of Nagoya City and facing a major arterial road. The following points <Cropped>

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Watchfaces Apps:ttmm For Pebble by Albert Salamon

Albert Salamon Exhibits The Ttmm For Pebble Watchfaces Apps

Albert Salamon, the architect of the highlighted work watchfaces apps by Albert Salamon illustrates, TTMM is a 130 watchfaces collection dedicated for Pebble 2 smartwatch. Specific models show time and date, week day, steps, activity time, distance <Cropped>

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Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Award'19

Unfuse a Part of Uni Serves as a Platform to Create a Global Community of Architects and Designers Who Are Pushing The Boundaries of Architecture Discipline to Enrich Our Built Environment. At Unfuse We Promote Exceptional Works, Ideas, Experimentations I

Unfuse a part of uni serves as a platform to create a global community of architects and designers who are pushing the boundaries of architecture discipline to enrich our built environment. at unfuse we promote exceptional works, ideas, experimentati <Cropped>

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Lin Chang Man's Lines Construed Statically Interior Space, Exhibition Design

Lin Chang Man Designs The Lines Construed Statically Interior Space, Exhibition Design

Lin Chang Man, the designer of the award winning work Lines Construed Statically by Lin Chang Man demonstrates, Plains and lines respond to each other in a fabulous way by linear separation at varied scales with intercrossing lines and overlapping pl <Cropped>

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Cinema by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Stop Motion Cinema Cinema

The designer of the highlighted project Acclaimed Designer's Stop Motion Cinema Cinema spells out, Every film composes of thousands of stop motions. This continuation of frames produces the illusion of a moving image, freeing our minds to see wh <Cropped>

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Modulable Lamp:mozaik System by Davide Oppizzi

Davide Oppizzi Shares The Mozaik System Modulable Lamp

Davide Oppizzi, the creator of the highlighted design Modulable lamp:Mozaik System by Davide Oppizzi points out, The mozaik system is made up of cables wrapped in vertical fabrics that are then separated by a fiberglass rod held by brass connectors. <Cropped>

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Plus+ by Industrial Design College in Lafa

Industrial Design College in Lafa Presents The Plus+ Screwdriver

Industrial Design College in LAFA, the project leader of the displayed design Screwdriver by Industrial Design College in LAFA spells out, This design has sections which are equipped by various tool bits. Plus and minus combinations can change its to <Cropped>

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Logo Design Award

A' International Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Is Open For Your Logo Design Submissions. Deadline For Entries to a' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Awards Is On February 28, 2019. Results of The a' Grap

Creating beautiful logos that convey a brand's message as intended is a key point in constructing a brand identity. A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award will help you carry your design further as A' Graphics and Visual Com <Cropped>

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