Branding:brand Thinkers by Felipe Jacoto

Felipe Jacoto Exhibits The Brand Thinkers Branding

Felipe Jacoto, the author of the highlighted work Branding by Felipe Jacoto explicates, Brand Thinkers is the most genuine discussion group on branding. The meeting is monthly in São Paulo city, for discussions about brand design. With best practice <Cropped>

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Osoi Design Studio by Xuanmin Jin and Xiang Jin

Xuanmin Jin and Xiang Jin Shares The Osoi Design Studio Office

Xuanmin Jin and Xiang Jin, the maker of the award winning design Award Winning Osoi Design Studio Office explains, The design is to convert 72 square meters of space into 160 square meters of space, from one floor to five floors.Offices, exhibition h <Cropped>

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Residential House by Qingfan Zhang and Bo Zhang

Qingfan Zhang and Bo Zhang Designs The Labyrinth Homegarden Residential House

Qingfan Zhang and Bo Zhang, the architect of the displayed project Residential House:Labyrinth Homegarden by Qingfan Zhang and Bo Zhang demonstrates, The project is an interior space renovation of a 100-square-meter old house in Beijing, which was bu <Cropped>

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Packaging Design/Collection and Display by Midnight Design

Midnight Design Exhibits The Year of The Dog Commemorative Tickets Packaging Design/Collection and Display

Midnight Design, the maker of the awarded project Year of the Dog Commemorative Tickets - Packaging design/ collection and display by Midnight Design illustrates, This piece of work is a memorial ticket sold by Taipei MRT every year, which is a comme <Cropped>

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Humble Hive by Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan Creates The Humble Hive Residential Apartment

Prashant Chauhan, the designer of the award winning project Residential Apartment by Prashant Chauhan explains, A simple 2 Bedroom apartment in the hustle bustle of Mumbai Suburbs has been designed as a perfect pause moment. The Apartment Simple yet <Cropped>

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Paradise Dynasty Hong Kong-Restaurant by Genius Loci Pte

Genius Loci Pte Presents The Paradise Dynasty Hong Kong Restaurant

Genius Loci Pte, the project leader of the displayed design Paradise Dynasty Hong Kong by Genius Loci Pte illustrates, Reinterpretation of a traditional Chinese restaurant into a modern avant-garde design using familiar patterns and icons to infuse i <Cropped>

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Intelligent Cleansing Skincare Machine-Personal Care,beauty Products. by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Intelligent Cleansing Skincare Machine Personal Care,beauty Products

The architect of the displayed design Personal care,Beauty Products.:Intelligent Cleansing Skincare Machine by Acclaimed Designer explicates, This product combines the whole set skin care functions of cleansing, import and lifting. The first functi <Cropped>

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Senichiro Nogami's Silent and Movement Documentary Photography

Senichiro Nogami Discloses The Silent and Movement Documentary Photography

Senichiro Nogami, the author of the highlighted project Silent and Movement - Documentary Photography by Senichiro Nogami demonstrates, This design expresses everyday and extraordinary. Usually the temple is very silent and calm but once a year at th <Cropped>

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Furniture by Jahn

Jahn Discloses The Spacecraft Wet Box Furniture

JAHN, the creative mind behind the award winning project FURNITURE by JAHN points out, The quartz cladded box contains all the wet functions. It is a source of lighting and the only physical element that redefines your boundaries through movement. <Cropped>

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Bam Bam by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group Discloses The Bam Bam Restaurant

Rockwell Group, the author of the highlighted design Restaurant by Rockwell Group demonstrates, Bam Bam is a Vietnamese-Cajun beer garden that features a long, continuous bar that wraps through the space, punctuated with fluted bamboo columns and bur <Cropped>

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