Concrete Enthralled by Abhijit Kothari

Abhijit Kothari Shows The Concrete Enthralled Office

Abhijit Kothari, the creator of the displayed project Concrete Enthralled - Office by Abhijit Kothari says, When seen as space planning and management exercise, it takes a great amount of problem solving folded in with the correct aesthetic parameter <Cropped>

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Leisure Round-Residential Interior Design by Hsin Ting Weng

Hsin Ting Weng Portrays The Leisure Round Residential Interior Design

HSIN TING WENG, the creative mind behind the awarded work Residential Interior Design by HSIN TING WENG demonstrates, The space gradually grows; let the time stop here. Stepping into the entrance, hexagonal floor tiles of mosaic are lively, and the h <Cropped>

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Tyto Alba by Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design

Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design Presents The Tyto Alba Wine Packaging

Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design , the thinktank behind the highlighted work Wine Packaging by Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design demonstrates, Companhia das LezĂ­rias is a great example of respecting nature and protecting species, suppor <Cropped>

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Hotel Facility For Guests by Akitoshi Imafuku

Akitoshi Imafuku Shares The Cave Bar Hotel Facility For Guests

Akitoshi Imafuku, the thinktank behind the award winning work Hotel Facility For Guests:Cave Bar by Akitoshi Imafuku demonstrates, This bar is located in the site of a ryokan (Japanese hotel) and it is for the guests who are staying. They only design <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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Poster/Print by Qian Sun

Qian Sun Illustrates The Architype New York Poster/Print

Qian Sun, the architect of the highlighted design Poster/Print by Qian Sun demonstrates, Architype New York is a series of black and white typographic illustrations of the buildings in New York City and the surrounding burrows. The pieces are an expl <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Emanuele Grittini & Giuseppe Liuzzo

Emanuele Grittini & Giuseppe Liuzzo Designs The Igpizza Corporate Identity

Emanuele Grittini & Giuseppe Liuzzo, the creator of the award winning design IGPizza by Emanuele Grittini & Giuseppe Liuzzo spells out, IGPizza was created to revolutionize the world of takeaway pizza, bringing the experience of the best ital <Cropped>

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Restaurant:eat At Ease by Artta Concept Studio

Artta Concept Studio Shares The Eat At Ease Restaurant

ARTTA Concept Studio, the creative mind behind the awarded work Restaurant:Eat at Ease by ARTTA Concept Studio says, A warehouse themed restaurant that uses various materials such as rustic metal combined with antique steel finishing on the loft area <Cropped>

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Ding-Rui Tai's Four Seasons Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai Illustrates The Four Seasons Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning Four Seasons Residential House spells out, The swaying light shades on the wall with the branches, on and off the lights shape varied geometrical patterns. Paving natural stones from bamboo <Cropped>

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Ladan Zadfar & Mohammad Farshad's Drink Beauty Food

Ladan Zadfar & Mohammad Farshad Reveals The Drink Beauty Food

Ladan Zadfar & Mohammad Farshad, the author of the displayed work Food by Ladan Zadfar & Mohammad Farshad explains, Drink Beauty is like a beautiful jewel that you can drink ! We made a combination of two objects that were used separately wit <Cropped>

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