Hotel by Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Pullman Jakarta Central Park Creates The Urban Contemporary Hotel

Pullman Jakarta Central Park, the creative mind behind the displayed project Urban Contemporary by Pullman Jakarta Central Park points out, The flagship and the newest international five star hotel in West Jakarta, located in Podomoro City Super Bloc <Cropped>

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2019 Acc Design Contest

The Contest Is Aimed At Promoting The Diversity of The Acc’s Cultural Merchandise. The Acc Seeks to Offer Exciting Experiences to All Participants and Grant Them Opportunities to Showcase Their Artistic and Creative Prowess Aligned With Their Interest I

The contest is aimed at promoting the diversity of the acc’s cultural merchandise. the acc seeks to offer exciting experiences to all participants and grant them opportunities to showcase their artistic and creative prowess aligned with their inter <Cropped>

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Speach by Azam Eskandari and Mohammad Eskandari

Azam Eskandari and Mohammad Eskandari Presents The Speach Speaker

Azam Eskandari and Mohammad Eskandari, the architect of the highlighted work Speaker:Speach by Azam Eskandari and Mohammad Eskandari spells out, The Speach, speakers with a woven uniform body of bamboo fiber and inspired by organic forms, linking its <Cropped>

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Suehiro Nagaya-Residence by Masaaki Takeuchi and Shihoko Koike

Masaaki Takeuchi and Shihoko Koike Designs The Suehiro Nagaya Residence

Masaaki Takeuchi and Shihoko Koike, the designer of the displayed design Suehiro Nagaya by Masaaki Takeuchi and Shihoko Koike spells out, Osaka Nagaya has become aging and its number is decreasing due to development. As a result, the unique community <Cropped>

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Model House:the Jiuxitang Model House by Yanming Yin

Yanming Yin Demonstrates The The Jiuxitang Model House Model House

Yanming Yin, the architect of the award winning work The Jiuxitang Model House - Model House by Yanming Yin explains, An ancient Chinese poem chants: The swallow that used to visit only an imperial courtyard, now flies into a normal family’s home. <Cropped>

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Ring by Andrew Lam

Andrew Lam Demonstrates The Balinese Barong Ring

Andrew Lam, the creative mind behind the award winning design Ring by Andrew Lam spells out, Barong is a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, enemy of Rangda <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Steph Lee

Steph Lee Spotlights The Cascade of Lights Interior Design

Steph Lee, the maker of the highlighted work Award Winning Cascade of Lights Interior design says, The house is located in Tien Mu distinct in Taipei and was taking place during the pre-built phase. The interior space is about 330 square meter with <Cropped>

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Award Winning Puzzle Facade Interactive Experience

Javier Lloret Presents The Puzzle Facade Interactive Experience

Javier Lloret, the thinktank behind the awarded project Award Winning Puzzle Facade Interactive experience says, Puzzle Facade transforms the Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria) into a giant Rubik's cube. The participant interacts with the in <Cropped>

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Szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award

The Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, Invite You All to Design The Official Gadget/Souvenir For All The Attendees of The Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019.szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award Also This Year

The shenzhen industrial design profession association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the shenzhen international industrial design fair 2019.Szidf 2019 gadget design award also this y <Cropped>

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Illustration by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo

Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo Designs The Black Hole Illustration

Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo, the lead designer of the displayed work illustration by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo explicates, Digital artist Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo, from Spain, born in 1981. He has graduated in Fine Arts in 2006 and is currently writing his PhD thesis o <Cropped>

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