Sales Center:tai Chi by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Creates The Tai Chi Sales Center

Kris Lin, the designer of the displayed design Kris Lin's Tai Chi Sales Center explicates, There are two blocks in façade design; one is dark color, the other is light color; they stand for two elements that are “Yin” and “Yang” of Tai <Cropped>

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House by Liu Kai

Liu Kai Illustrates The a White House House

Liu Kai, the maker of the displayed design House by Liu Kai demonstrates, Liu Kai and Rigi designed this white 3-story residence in a common Shanghai old-style lane. There are plenty of similar buildings in Shanghai which is not new, and located in a <Cropped>

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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project

The Competition Entails The Production of a Work of Art/Expression That Represents and Gives Shape to The Interpretative Territory Defined: Swiss Original – Handmade Creative Original Handmade Creative Project For Centuries, The Swiss Tra

The competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: swiss original – handmade creative project.Swiss original handmade creative project for centuries, the swis <Cropped>

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Branding Tool :terrace Field by Taiki Kato

Taiki Kato Discloses The Terrace Field Branding Tool

Taiki Kato, the designer of the award winning project Taiki Kato's Terrace Field Branding Tool explicates, Brand identity and stationery for Ryoko Iwase, a spirited architect /designer based in Tokyo. This design has the same concept as her awa <Cropped>

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Kibeom Lee's Dazz360 Rotating Ironing Board Flipping Both-Side Ironing Board

Kibeom Lee Discloses The Dazz360 Rotating Ironing Board Flipping Both-Side Ironing Board

Kibeom Lee, the creative mind behind the highlighted project DAZZ360 Rotating Ironing Board by Kibeom Lee spells out, Ironing board has not been changed since it begun though it is regarded as difficult duty for many people. Dazzl360 Ironing Board is <Cropped>

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Chronodrop-Smart Watch by Beomjun Sohn

Beomjun Sohn Presents The Chronodrop Smart Watch

Beomjun Sohn, the project leader of the awarded project CHRONODROP by Beomjun Sohn demonstrates, The CHRONODROP is a Smartwatch inspired from a drop of water and the Confucian aphorism “Time flows away like the water in the river”. He thought t <Cropped>

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Chair by Stanley Clayne Sandström

Stanley Clayne Sandström Presents The Music Chair Sculpture Chair

Stanley Clayne Sandström, the creative mind behind the displayed work Chair:Music Chair Sculpture by Stanley Clayne Sandström explicates, The Music Chair celebrates the power, dimension, dynamics, and beauty of music. The simple, yet unique fluid e <Cropped>

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Exhibition Booth:craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'onn' by Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi

Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi Shows The Craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'onn' Exhibition Booth

Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi, the lead designer of the awarded design Shinjae Kang, Heeyoung Choi's Craft Trend Fair Seoul, 'Onn' Exhibition booth explicates, Onn is a premium-handcrafted product blending traditions with modern design <Cropped>

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Play With Your City 2019: Reimagining Lady Street Call For Entries

Help Us Reimagine The Experience On An Underutilized, Three-block Pedestrian Corridor Crossing Through Several Urban Precincts in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, and You Could Win The $5, 000 Prize. Accepting The Challenge Entrants Are Challenged To

Help us reimagine the experience on an underutilized, three-block pedestrian corridor crossing through several urban precincts in downtown columbia, south carolina, and you could win the $5,000 prize. Accepting the challenge entrants are challenge <Cropped>

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Bridge Dna by Hung Yuan Chang

Hung Yuan Chang Portrays The Bridge Dna Coffee Table

Hung Yuan Chang, the creator of the highlighted design Hung Yuan Chang's Bridge DNA Coffee Table demonstrates, This work centers on the relationship between bridge structure, construction methods and timberwork, coming from the processes of desi <Cropped>

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