Womenswear Collection:improbable Journey by Suet Yi Ko

Suet Yi Ko Exhibits The Improbable Journey Womenswear Collection

Suet Yi Ko, the creator of the displayed design Womenswear Collection by Suet Yi Ko spells out, The Collection is about expressing the diversity of a metropolitan by handmade textiles (hand-felted wool and hand interlacing technique) and innovative s <Cropped>

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Award Winning Woo Tung Blossom Multifunctional Space

Shen Junwei Designs The Woo Tung Blossom Multifunctional Space

Shen Junwei, the thinktank behind the awarded project Woo Tung Blossom by Shen Junwei demonstrates, It’s a collection of space which contains furniture, floriculture, coffee, casual dining, sado, salon, exhibition and aesthetic life. In addition to <Cropped>

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Honey by Sophia Georgopoulou

Sophia Georgopoulou Creates The Beeopic Honey

Sophia Georgopoulou, the project leader of the awarded work Beeopic - Honey by Sophia Georgopoulou says, Beeopic is a premium quality thyme honey from Kalymnos, Greece. The name Beeopic was born based on a play on the English word biopic which is use <Cropped>

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Chair by Quoc Trang Pham

Quoc Trang Pham Reveals The Oblique Chair

Quoc Trang Pham, the author of the awarded project Oblique by Quoc Trang Pham says, Oblique is a high quality chair which is taken shape from the idea of finding new design to break out of traditional form and this model is strong influence from cont <Cropped>

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School by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Taipei European School School

The author of the displayed project School:Taipei European School by Acclaimed Designer says, Located in the beautiful Yangmingshan and adjacent to the famous Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School, the redevelopment of Taipei European School’s secondary camp <Cropped>

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Villa With Exhibition Space:gallery in Kiyosato by Satoshi Okada

Satoshi Okada Spotlights The Gallery in Kiyosato Villa With Exhibition Space

Satoshi Okada, the maker of the awarded design Award Winning Gallery in Kiyosato Villa with Exhibition Space says, The Gallery in Kiyosato is designed to stimulate sensual perception above rational comprehension. A newly conceived method named Contai <Cropped>

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Award Winning Barb Perfume Packaging

Barb Team Illustrates The Barb Perfume Packaging

Barb Team, the lead designer of the highlighted work Barb Perfume - Packaging by Barb Team explains, Barb is a perfume brand for men, which stands out against others on the market crowded with trendy and glossy flasks. It reflecs the man’s personal <Cropped>

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Book Design:way of Knowledge by Yuta Takahashi

Yuta Takahashi Spotlights The Way of Knowledge Book Design

Yuta Takahashi, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Book Design by Yuta Takahashi explicates, This book is called "The Way of Knowledge and the Holy Spirit" by Michael Debus. In it, the author attempts to make ancient myths understa <Cropped>

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Award Winning Chinese Concept Font Chinese Character Image, Font Aesthetics

Wu Xuandong Presents The Chinese Concept Font Chinese Character Image, Font Aesthetics

Wu Xuandong, the architect of the award winning work Chinese character image, Font aesthetics by Wu Xuandong illustrates, The work is basis on the dot and line of modern aesthetics, redesigning the form of chinese characters. Chinese characters is ev <Cropped>

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Andrejs Nadezdinskis's Gold and Spiderweb Art

Andrejs Nadezdinskis Reveals The Gold and Spiderweb Art

Andrejs Nadezdinskis, the creative mind behind the displayed design Gold and Spiderweb by Andrejs Nadezdinskis points out, Spider web and its natural aesthetics always has attracted attention. Unfortunately its beauty does not last for long. The goal <Cropped>

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